Ceramic artist, Luke Metz, is addicted to “playing in the mud” where he finds self- discovery and spiritual connection in his art. Rima Thundercloud and daughter Phaedra Hutsell are also deeply bound to the earth through a lineage of sacred teachings passed down to them from Rima’s Ojibwe grandfather.

The three popular members of the Village Gallery of Local Artists in the Village of Oak Creek will be on hand Friday evening from 5 to 8 pm on November 4th to share their individual art techniques and stories, in addition to native singing and drumming. Gallery member-artists will provide food and wine and promise spirited interactive conversation with those in attendance at the monthly VOC Art Walk, free of charge.

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Raku Covered Urn


Ancient Dancer – pit fired

Luke was raised and received a formal college education in New York City, where he was exposed to many diverse cultural influences and some of the best art in the world during his formative years. He spent many years in the business industry and lived in many states.   Luke “retired” after moving to Sedona and his free time has allowed him to turn a previous avocation into a full time profession as a ceramic artist.  He takes pride in both his art and craftsmanship.

According to Luke, “Clay offers limitless opportunities for exploration. I feel most inspired when I am able to move beyond both perceived and self-imposed limits of traditional processes to experiment with shape and form, surface decoration and firing techniques.” He especially loves playing with raku and other alternative firing techniques which offer exciting surface results and eye-catching colors.

Additionally, Luke loves the inherent challenge of creating functional works in clay that are both fun and finely crafted and this interest extends to altered and organic shapes as well as well as assembled pieces. Visitors are especially impressed with his beautiful mugs, for example, which are perfect examples of the artist-craftsman’s ever-evolving techniques. “I lose my conceptual self in the creative process and end up with a feeling of discovering a self that feels more true. Creativity feels intimately connected with my spiritual development.”

Phaedra Hutsell

Phaedra Hutsell


Rima Thundercloud

The deep spiritual connection to sacred Native American roots is evident in the breathtakingly beautiful collection of original art created by both Rima Thundercloud and her daughter, Phaedra Hutsell. Their awe-inspiring pieces- drawn from materials of the natural world and inspired by ceremonial- based traditions of their own ancestors, range from small webbed Dreamcatchers which are hung near sleeping children to ‘catch’ bad dreams to large decorative colorful feathered masks that serve as one of a kind reminders of a powerful spiritual presence. Both mother and daughter create art pieces using natural materials such as feathers, crystals and shells in their dreamcatchers, jewelry and other ceremonial objects.

As a child, Rima learned the sacred traditions of her people at the side of her Ojibwe grandfather. She was the first artist to create and share the original Objiwe dreamcatcher – now a popular idea which was adapted by other Native cultures in the 1960‘s and ‘70’s. Rima is also well known and respected throughout the local area and beyond for both her creation and playing of buffalo hide drums. She is schooled in the sounds, rhythms and songs which, in her words, “have power to heal the heart.”

Both Rima and Phaedra are self-supporting artists and longtime residents of Sedona. Phaedra is also well known for her “spiritually enlightening” tours in the Sedona area. As original artists of the Village Gallery, they want visitors to know, “It is with respect, honor, integrity and love that we offer our sacred visionary art to others.”


Mask by Rima Thundercloud


Mask by Rima Thundercloud

All three artists welcome the public to VILLAGE GALLERY First Friday Art Walk

November 4th from 5- 8 pm. 6500 Scenic Hwy 179, Sedona, Az 86351

For more information and Artist Applications, call (928) 284-1416

www. sedonalocalartists.com  Hours: 10-6pm daily.