Artist Cindi Horste

CE Horste – Mixed Media Artist

I have never been a fan of one-dimensional art. Originally heading towards a degree in Archeology or Architectural Design in my university studies, I ultimately abandoned both in favor of an unexpected detour that allowed for more flexibility and less ‘structure and mathematics” in my studies, the field of Fine Arts.

“I turned to Fine Arts with an emphasis on clay, jewelry, and woodworking. These newly developed techniques offered me a wide spectrum in which to combine unique and varied textures”  To broaden my training, I continued to take classes at several Universities as well as attending advanced workshops and seminars both in Fine Arts and Graphic Design.

The themes of my work often reflect Tribal stories and rock art. “I take the liberty of using tribal symbols of various cultures and then add my own spin to add even more depth to their stories.”

I confess to being bored using the same surfaces and I am always exploring ways to add dimension to my clay and wood designs. I use a variety of techniques and methods to achieve deep textures in each piece.  I often combine metal oxides, alcohol inks and aniline dyes for coloring both clay and wood surfaces, and use a “repousse” technique of embossing metals. I currently am experimenting with what I call “Tesla Spark Art”. It utilizes the Lichtenburg process of applying 2K volts of electricity to create unique burn patterns that later I embellish with stones, Japanese paper, crystals, beads, and hand carved clay stamps.

After several years of hiking and exploring Sedona, I found my life on yet another detour for creating my art. The lure of red rock country and its intrinsic life ‘textures’ and Native cultures once again captured my artistic heart.

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