Artist Judith Beals

Sedona Light Suncatchers

I visited Sedona many times in the 1980’s and finally moved here from Northampton, Massachusetts in 1990 to enjoy the vibrant colors and warmth of the Southwest. Color has always been an integral part of my life.  I dabbled in all art forms (watercolors, acrylics, sculpting, etc.) throughout school and finally, after teaching English for 21 years, returned to my first love—Art.

Immediately opened a stained glass studio/gift gallery, the first of several including one here on Jordan Road.  I also taught at the Sedona Art Center for 8 years, collaborated with a construction company where I created many, many stained glass windows for local homes and businesses, and I also started a co-operative art gallery at Hillside in 1993.

The crystal suncatchers have been my passion since I sold my last studio in 1999 when I first fashioned and started crafting them.  The simple design has an elegance that has caught the attention of many.  The idea came that perhaps these crystal suncatchers could be infused with the amazing Vortex energy that is found here in Sedona.  They are cleared of any previous energetick attachments and then infused with a specific intent, of which there are now 25 total (eg- protection, love, healing, chakra balancing, connect with angels, etc).  The difference between a recently made suncatcher and one that has been charged at Bell Rock can be felt immediately.  The crystals love the energy during the ceremony and sparkle in a special way while being cleared and infused with Sedona Light.

Recently I published my first book of meditations, “Messages from Beyond”, available through Balboa Press or Amazon. I am still an English teacher at heart!!

Please visit my website: or call me for further information at 928-862-2742.