Artists Rich Kerrel and Sarah Loynd

Richard M. Kerrell

I have been creating handcrafted works of art using exotic woods for over 30 years. Many of my creative years were spent building guitars, crafting fine furniture, and renovating antiques.  When I relocated my studio to the Prescott Arizona area in 2011 I began experimenting with new shapes and unique woods. Now I spend most of my time in my studio creating furniture,  decorative boxes, and other unique wood items.

I am fascinated with the stunning grain of the woods I use in my craft. My collection of woods includes many species that are now very hard if not impossible to find. Most of that collection is “cutoffs” from other projects. Cut-offs are the end cuts from lumber that have been removed and not needed for the project they were purchased for. I believe hardwood is too precious to waste so I reuse any and all pieces that are left over. Most of my work includes this wood.

As I continue to experiment with different woods and techniques I will push the boundaries of what can be done with wood. I plan to incorporate other materials such as metals, glass, stone and resins. I have started harvesting local woods and using them for some of my work or as inlays.

I am available for custom commissions. I offer a wide variety of services including furniture, specialty cabinets as well as accent pieces.

Sarah S. Loynd

I am all about creating cool functional wood art from the cut-offs “scraps” from other projects. First the wood I use came from a guitar company’s dumpster – with permission of course, then my husband and mother-in-law make stuff and put their cut-offs in a special container labeled Sarah’s dumpster. So now you know that I am referred to as the Dumpster Diversion Division of RMK Designs.

My designs are inspired by the shape or suggestion of the piece of “scrap”. As an example I created these necklace holders that were inspired by the shape of the Ebony. The guitar company trims the fingerboards and the result of that operation creates long triangular waste. The ebony ends up in the dumpster and here I come along and say ‘hey I can make some stylish necklace stands with that Ebony’.

As I make a few of a design I develop modifications and improvements in functionality.  With the Cherry version I added a tray for rings, pendants and things. I also made it taller to accommodate longer necklaces.