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The Village Gallery of Local Artists is Sedona’s best gallery for local art. If you are looking for something authentically created by local artists, you will find it here.

We represent almost 40 artists all working in a variety of mediums from jewelry to oil paintings, from wearable art to photography, from Native American crafts to sculpture.

Come on in and experience art that is truly locally created, Red Rock inspired!



Sedona Artist: Deborah Adamson
Deborah Adamson
Sedona Artist: Laura Albert
Laura Albert
Sedona Artist: Allah Ali
Allah Ali
Sedona Artist: Jodie Ball
Jodie Ball
Sedona Artist: Ken Barnes
Ken Barnes
Sedona Artist: Linda Bellacicco
Linda Bellacicco
Sedona Artist: Suzen Brackell
Suzen Brackell
Sedona Artist: Stephanie Brand
Stephanie Brand
Sedona Artist: Ella Cooke
Ella Cooke
Sedona Artist: Peggy Doig
Peggy Doig
Sedona Artist: Greg Griffin
Greg Griffin
Sedona Artist: Sharon Hall
Sharon Hall
Sedona Artist: Sarah Harms
Sarah Harms
Sedona Artist: June Hart
June Hart
Sedona Artist: Lenore Hemingway
Lenore Hemingway
Sedona Artist: Joanne/Art Hiscox
Joanne and Art Hiscox
Sedona Artist: Patty Hoisch
Patty Hoisch
Sedona Artist: Cindi Horste
Cindi Horste
Sedona Artist: Phaedra Hutsell
Phaedra Hutsell
Sedona Artist: Florence Johns
Florence Johns
Sedona Artist: Rich Kerrell/Sarah Loynd
Rich Kerrell/Sarah Loynd
Sedona Artist: Jamie Kivisto
Jamie Kivisto
Luke Metz
Sedona Artist: Brian Myers
Brian Myers
Sedona Artist: Denise Nichols
Denise Nichols
Sedona Artist: Kathy O’Connell
Kathy O’Connell
Sedona Artist: Pat Priolo
Pat Priolo
Sedona Artist: Nina Joy Rizzo
Nina Joy Rizzo
Sedona Artist: Susan Shatreau-Janisky
Susan Shatreau-Janisky
Sedona Artist: Clark Sheppard
Clark Sheppard
Sedona Artist: Rima Thundercloud
Rima Thundercloud
Sedona Artist: Jeannette Tuscher
Jeannette Tuscher
Sedona Artist: Grazina Wade
Grazina Wade
Sedona Artist: Wendy Wade
Wendy Wade
Sedona Artist: Tom Williams
Tom Williams
Sedona Artist: Carla Zimmerman French
Carla Zimmerman French

Come experience art that is truly locally created and Red Rock inspired!

If you are seeking work lovingly and authentically created by local artists, you will find it here. We represent almost 40 area artists all working in a variety of mediums from jewelry to oil paintings, from wearable art to photography, from Native American crafts to sculpture.




Richard Kerrell and Sarah Loynd

Two Heart Beets as One Box

Richard Kerrell and Sarah Loynd Are the Featured Artists for  October 2020

The Village Gallery of Local Artists is pleased to feature husband and wife wood artists, Richard Kerrell and Sarah Loynd, during the month of October.  The Gallery is not holding a First Friday event but we invite you to come by anytime to appreciate the beautiful work by Kerrell and Loynd.

Rich-KerrellKerrell grew up in Southern California and began creating from wood scraps discarded by his dad at an early age. Through middle school and high school, he got involved in shop classes where he learned to be precise and craft more refined works and won several awards at the Del Mar Fair student competition.  After high school, Kerrell was accepted to a position at a custom furniture workshop, named Mustard Tree Woodcraft, where he was mentored by some of the most talented fine woodworkers and encouraged to experiment with new designs and materials. He also began lessons in custom finishing wood creations where he learned about color and proper coating applications. In the mid-1990’s he moved onto guitar making and finishing for a manufacturer in San Diego where he was introduced to a whole new world of wood species, many of which he uses today to craft his work. Throughout the years he returned to competition and won several awards in the largest woodworking exhibition on the west coast named “Design in Wood.” This included a first-place ribbon for a humidor in 2007, as well as several other awards for his furniture designs.

SARAH_LOYNDLoynd grew up in Ohio and began her woodworking career when her dad would give her a piece of wood to sand. As she grew up the “projects” became more creative, complex, and functional. She took woodshop classes in high school and created a wall hanging clock with a herringbone design on the face; this was the project that convinced her she had found her passion in life. After many years in the working world, she lost her “real” job in 2010 and was free to pursue her wood-crafting passion alongside her husband. She has worked closely with Kerrell to advance her woodworking skills.

Currently, Kerrell and Loynd reside near Prescott Arizona.  Kerrell feels that this move is when he fully embraced the artistic aspect of woodworking. His previous experience prepared him by exposure to new and exciting woods with stunning grains as well as finishing and wood coloring techniques that have helped shape the work he creates today. Creating new furniture designs is also an area Rich continues to explore. In future years he plans to introduce new materials such as metals, glass, stone, and resins into his work. Kerrell and Loynd work with the highest quality wood recycled from the guitar industry. He is committed to using recycled woods as he feels wood is too precious of a resource to waste. As an added recycling effort of their wood Loynd will take cut-offs from Kerrell’s work to use for her creations. Loynd will use a block of wood where the center was removed for a turned bow, add a carved raven in the center and decorate it with recycled copper house wiring from their previous house builds. This has earned Loynd the title of “The Dumpster Diversion Division.” No piece of wood goes to waste- every piece will be used down to wood dust which is then composted.

The wood dye used on their work is a colorfast product that will not fade over time, protects the wood from moisture and environmental damage, and assures many years of trouble free use.  Kerrell and Loynd produce artwork and furniture of high quality and like to use supplies and tools that are also high quality and benefit America.

Kerrell and Loynd work closely to refine their woodworking skills. Together they play off their strengths to create wonderful works of wood art

The Village Gallery of Local Artists is located at 6512 State Route 179 in the Village of Oak Creek and is open 7 days a week from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  You can reach the Gallery by phone at 928-284-1416.  Please stop by to see Kerrell and Loynd’s work as well as the work of 40 other local artists.


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Featuring over 40 local artists.
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