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Sedona’s Best Gallery for Local Artists

The Village Gallery of Local Artists is Sedona’s best gallery for local art. If you are looking for something authentically created by local artists, you will find it here.

We represent almost 40 artists all working in a variety of mediums from jewelry to oil paintings, from wearable art to photography, from Native American crafts to sculpture.

Come on in and experience art that is truly locally created, Red Rock inspired!



Sedona Artist: Deborah Adamson
Deborah Adamson
Sedona Artist: Laura Albert
Laura Albert
Sedona Artist: Allah Ali
Allah Ali
Sedona Artist: Jodie Ball
Jodie Ball
Sedona Artist: Ken Barnes
Ken Barnes
Sedona Artist: Linda Bellacicco
Linda Bellacicco
Sedona Artist: Suzen Brackell
Suzen Brackell
Sedona Artist: Stephanie Brand
Stephanie Brand
Sedona Artist: Ella Cooke
Ella Cooke
Sedona Artist: Peggy Doig
Peggy Doig
Sedona Artist: Greg Griffin
Greg Griffin
Sedona Artist: Sharon Hall
Sharon Hall
Sedona Artist: Sarah Harms
Sarah Harms
Sedona Artist: June Hart
June Hart
Sedona Artist: Lenore Hemingway
Lenore Hemingway
Sedona Artist: Joanne/Art Hiscox
Joanne and Art Hiscox
Sedona Artist: Patty Hoisch
Patty Hoisch
Sedona Artist: Cindi Horste
Cindi Horste
Sedona Artist: Phaedra Hutsell
Phaedra Hutsell
Sedona Artist: Florence Johns
Florence Johns
Sedona Artist: Rich Kerrell/Sarah Loynd
Rich Kerrell/Sarah Loynd
Sedona Artist: Jamie Kivisto
Jamie Kivisto
Luke Metz
Sedona Artist: Sue Meyer
Sue Meyer
Sedona Artist: Brian Myers
Brian Myers
Sedona Artist: Denise Nichols
Denise Nichols
Sedona Artist: Kathy O’Connell
Kathy O’Connell
Sedona Artist: Pat Priolo
Pat Priolo
Sedona Artist: Nina Joy Rizzo
Nina Joy Rizzo
Sedona Artist: Susan Shatreau-Janisky
Susan Shatreau-Janisky
Sedona Artist: Clark Sheppard
Clark Sheppard
Sedona Artist: Rima Thundercloud
Rima Thundercloud
Sedona Artist: Jeannette Tuscher
Jeannette Tuscher
Sedona Artist: Grazina Wade
Grazina Wade
Sedona Artist: Wendy Wade
Wendy Wade
Sedona Artist: Tom Williams
Tom Williams
Sedona Artist: Judy Yescalis
Judy Yescalis
Sedona Artist: Carla Zimmerman French
Carla Zimmerman French

Come experience art that is truly locally created and Red Rock inspired!

If you are seeking work lovingly and authentically created by local artists, you will find it here. We represent almost 40 area artists all working in a variety of mediums from jewelry to oil paintings, from wearable art to photography, from Native American crafts to sculpture.




Susan Shatreau-Janisky


Native American Artist Susan Shatreau-Janisky Featured at Village Gallery

For Village Gallery artist, Susan Shatreau-Janisky, the family is an extended one and her heritage, deep and wide. Born in upstate New York where her Algonquin, Mohawk, and French- Canadian ancestors inhabited vast regions from the Atlantic coast north to the St Lawrence River valley, Susan is proud to be a registered member of the Aboriginal Metis Community of Maniwaki, Quebec.

As a young girl, Susan was taught traditional native crafts of beading and leatherworking from her relatives, and over the years has continued to practice and expand many of those skills while living in California and Arizona. She and her husband, Michael currently reside in the Verde Valley. She is an award-winning artist whose affiliations include the Sonoran Art League, participating member of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA) and the Sedona Visual Artists’ Coalition. She has attended Native art shows in Oregon, California, and Arizona and was the Native American liaison and teacher for the California Girl Scout Council.

In addition to perfecting her native arts, Susan is a self-taught wire artist and metalsmith and has created her own line of silver rings engraved with traditional native designs as well as a striking collection of silver and copper bracelets. Many of her custom necklaces and pendants are set with precious stones surrounded with beadwork.  She also makes beaded leather cuff bracelets.

The artist is especially proud of her custom leatherwork which includes medicine bags made of native tanned smoked deerskin, her small beaded clutch bags, and elk skin cross-body bags, many of which are embellished with beaded floral designs for which the Metis people are well known.

The Village Gallery is located at 6512 Hwy 179 in the Village of Oak Creek at the roundabout on Hwy 179 and Cortez. For more information call 284-1416 or visit


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