Suzen Brackell

Ahhh, Suzen – she’s got the flare…It all started 22 years ago…actually it started in her 7th grade in Windsor, Ontario, when she learned how to sew…and sew she did! Her creations were admired by friends and family alike.  They asked Suzen to design for them, but to their great disappointment, her reply was, “My clothes are just for me.” She continued to hone her craft, and then years later, shortly after her two daughters were born, she knew it was time to share her gift with the world. What sets Suzen apart from other designers? Well, her clothes tell that story. You will find chic blended with whimsical…subtle sensuality with casual elegance. Tiny loops of stitched thread and frayed fabric enhancements that are intentional. She is a cloth artist. Others carve and sculpt in wood and stone; Suzen carves and sculpts her fabric, making her own unique design statement. She chooses materials that are fun and easy to care for – usually wrinkle free and always pre-shrunk. While she often uses natural fiber, the content is not as important to Suzen as the feel and flow of her fabric.

Always on a search for the unusual, she creates one-of-a-kind masterpieces when a discovery of some vintage fabric of short supply is found…or you can count on an entire line with a fabric that’s a-plenty. She is daring in her approach, and focuses on comfort as she creates wearable art works for you to enjoy. She specializes in custom work that can be “just for you,” perfectly sized and uniquely yours. And many of her designs are collections and multiples that can be duplicated for many. Suzen’s favorite scene in a movie is from Gone With the Wind when, after the most challenging time of her life, Scarlet O’Hara rips the velvet drapes from the window and proceeds to whip up a dress…rather like our exciting Miss Suzen herself. Suzen is available for fashion parties or private appointments.

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