Artist Jamie Kivisto

Jamie Kivisto, who is quick to admit how her life’s journey- from Minnesota to University of Cincinnati to Long Beach Calif has affected and inspired her art at every turn. Jamie’s love of life in the “fast- paced urban jungle” of her past and constant exposure to the innate grit and chaos that gives birth to the many ‘faces’ of Street Art have left their fingerprints all over her mixed-media works on display at the Village Gallery. Her work will be featured through January.

In an effort to achieve the balance she is continually striving for in her life, Jamie moved to Sedona Arizona 4 years ago. In a heartbeat, the peaceful desert and its colorful, quiet landscapes, imagery and unusual inhabitants captured her heart. Chaos met Tranquility; the evolution in both her life and her art is evident in virtually every one of her beautiful and intriguing art pieces.

Jamie studied Fine Art at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning as well as continual studies in Graphic Design in Long Beach, CA. Her work tends to merge and overlap both studies.To show her love of both nature and urban art, she has combined such elements as traditional acrylic landscape painting, graffiti -style spray paint, homemade stencils with collage and patterns in bright bold colors to produce depth and visual interest in every canvas. A spray-painted background may be visible behind a desert quail perched alertly on a cactus, or a hawk on a saguaro may be scanning the outlines of a suggested ‘city’ street below.

Be sure to ask her about her about her fundraisers and art sales in support of animal charities.