Artist Tom Williams

Tom Williams Metal ArtTom Williams Creates Metal Sculpture

I play with fire so hot it can melt metal, electricity with enough voltage to start Frankenstein’s heart, light so bright it can burn your eyes. Sparks fly, motors whine. Bam! Bam! Bam! The hammer falls. Sweat pours off my forehead, hot embers singe my skin, my back aches, and I love it! I may not be a superhero; I am better. I am an ARTIST!

My sculptures are organic forms captured in metal. I make petroglyphs and pinecones, ravens and roses. I am an artist! Beautiful bells made from discarded tanks and delightful drums that produce musical notes. I am an artist. Soaring saguaros made from the Grand Canyon mule shoes. I’ve even shaped a planet – Mars to be exact. I am an Artist!

In 2011 I entered the Flagstaff Recycled art show and won the Elegance Award. This fueled my creativity. I was planning to enter my work in a gallery in Flagstaff when my wife and another artist suggested we open a gallery here in Williams, AZ. The Gallery in Williams opened in September 2011. There are now four galleries in Williams.

I entered the 2012 Recycled Art Exhibition in Flagstaff, and this time my “Shoeguaro” took Best in Show. In 2014 I collaborated with Mike Frankel and John Rogers to create “The Mars Kaleidisphere”, which is on permeant display at the Lowell Observatory. I also participated in the inaugural session of the Art Box Institute. Also in 2014, I entered “It’s Elemental”, a juried show put on by Flagstaff Arts Council. My work “Resonance” took Best in Show.

2015 has been a busy year. I have two works accepted in the “It’s Elemental” show, which opens November 14th. I have been asked to create the awards for the Viola Awards ceremony, which is the premier art event in Flagstaff recognizing artists for the contributions throughout the year. Work it is, HARD WORK, and the most fulfilling, rewarding work of my life!