Lenore Hemingway

Lenore is a glass and mosaic artist who was born in upstate New York, traveled the world in her first career and retired to the Sedona area in 2006.  While she dabbled in different forms of crafts throughout her life, she picked up an unfinished piece of mosaic art at a garage sale and her creative side took over from there.  She took a class at the Sedona Art Center, “which allowed me to fall in love with the mosaic art style.  It gives me the opportunity to be free with my expression of art.  I truly enjoy finding “treasures” and seeing the potential in a found piece–which she calls “artcycling”.   Working from her home studio, she produces unique and highly collectible artwork that has a distinctive personal style. “Adding my own unique sense of artwork to each piece, I take it to another dimension by applying true mosaic design.  That is, the randomness of each piece.  Patterns are rarely used and I usually don’t make a “picture” out of a piece—I just let each piece in the artwork find its final resting place.  Basically the piece creates itself through my hands.  In some cases design elements can sit for years before it calls out to me to place it in an art piece.”

Lenore, like many artists in the local area is inspired by the beauty of the Red Rocks.  They have a magical element to them that is not fully explainable.  While millions of pictures are taken by people, nothing replaces the opportunity to live here and experience the magic on a daily basis.

Lenore has previously exhibited in over 5  galleries around the US and her artwork is in private collections worldwide. She recently participated in two community public projects with creating “Kindness” benches and hearts for a fundraiser event and donates time and art to numerous local charities.

She is available to do consignment pieces.

“If one of my pieces speaks to you, then it is yours, Enjoy!”