Artist Rima Thundercloud

I was taught to listen to Spirit as a child.

I was raised by my mothers’ adopted Irish Grandparents, although they were financially challenged, the richness of living in harmony with the land growing and gathering our own food kept me close to my spirit even as a child.

My Grandfather practiced plant medicines and lit the sacred fires for the seasons. My Grandmother was a medium and a gifted psychic.

There was never a limit put upon my imagination or vision. I have never know any other world than that which includes Spirit.

My journey and preparation brought me to my native elders in my 20’s, where I have listened practiced and humbled my heart to receive teachings from the most sacred of teachings on Mother Earth.

I am now an Elder and have integrated these teachings to continue to grow and teach others.

It is my honor and privilege to serve others and share my gifts in so many varied ways. My greatest inspiration has been from the love of my children and the elders and medicine lodge I have had the honor of serving.

Spirituality cannot be bought or sold. You must find that within your own heart.

Rima Thundercloud