Village Gallery Ceramic Artist Luke Metz Featured at September Art Walk

Luke Metz at the pottery wheelVillage Gallery potter and west Sedona resident, Luke Metz, admits “The idea of ‘growing up’ does not appeal to me. After years of searching for the answer to ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I realized that rather than looking for an answer, it is the exploration that I love.”

Well before he had his first chemistry set, the native New York City kid was filled with curiosity. He grew up in the perfect place to explore- the colorful neighborhoods, crowded subways, museums, people and cultures of the ‘City that Never Sleeps’.

During those formative years Luke took the opportunity to investigate a variety of jobs – from sales, electronics, and computer systems analysis to teaching, and along the way kept himself entertained with extreme sports and various hobbies. He also tried a variety of spiritual practices and eventually came to realize that he is an adventurer with an insatiable curiosity.

When Luke discovered pottery making, he knew he had finally found his ‘voice.’ Creating ceramic art appealed to him, offering endless opportunities for learning and exploration with colors, shapes, scale, texture, and elements of design begging to be tweaked and twisted and combined.

His message to the public: “I want the viewing of my art to pique your curiosity and to invite you to explore my work. What’s on the inside, on the bottom, and on the other side of a piece?  What was he thinking when he made this piece?  How did he do that?  Why did he do that?  Come to explore with me.”

Meet Luke on First Friday Art Walk at the Village Gallery, September 7th from 5-8 pm. Bring your questions for him, see his latest works and take advantage of a rare, ONE NIGHT ONLY DISCOUNT on each of his pieces currently on display at the Village Gallery.

Current Village Gallery Guest Artist, Jeanette Tuscher who is an accomplished ceramics artist will also be on hand along with other member\artists to meet the public and enjoy food, wine, and lively conversation.

The Village Gallery of Local Artists is open daily from 10 to 6.  Located at 1605 Hwy179 at Cortez roundabout, Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ 86351.  For Info and applications visit  or call (929) 284-1416

These pieces, as well as many more, will be on display at the gallery.