Artist Brenda Man-Fletcher

Brenda Man-Fletcher holds a writing degree from Penn State and a law degree from the Widener University’s Delaware Law School. Before her deep dive into art, she practiced civil rights law, served as the Town Manager of Jerome, Arizona, ran her own media consulting business, and took care of an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s dementia. Today, she creates abstract, mixed-media works, combining materials, such as paint, markers, inks, pastels, adhesives, and herbal teas.

After decades of primarily drawing and taking photographs, Brenda’s focused painting practice began in June of 2022, as the unexpected houseguest that turned into the cherished friend. Her work is a continuing expression of her 20-year involvement with the ideas and methods of Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung. She continues to work with her dreams and engage with that content using a method Jung termed active imagination. The imagery that emerges from that process becomes a focal point of her paintings.

Brenda moved to the Verde Valley from New Jersey in 2007 and lives with her family in West Sedona.

Artist Statement

My work is based on visual imagery I see in dreams and meditation, but in addition, my drawing and painting process is meditation. I also maintain an active dialogue with the work-in-progress. It always amazes me how a painting responds and states what it wants. I also look closely at the environment of the piece, often greatly magnified (literally zooming in on a photo), until I find features that I’m interested in exploring and almost kneading out. The work often has a “grain” or a “flow” that I follow and try to accentuate. I’m always looking for new ways to present and reveal the imagery, and for you to have a personal experience of it.

I invite you to share your experience of the imagery by visiting my website at and using the Contact form or messaging me on

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