Carla Zimmerman

Taking inspiration from the unique geography and cultures of northern Arizona, Carla Zimmerman has been designing and batiking shirts for the past 20 years.  After a career in health care, she moved to Sedona, Arizona, in 1986, and became entranced by the beauty and colors in the rock formations, clouds, and sky.  She also developed an interest in the signatures left behind by native cultures, evident in petroglyphs and ancient pottery.

Shortly after moving to Sedona, Carla began experimenting with batik, an old Indonesian art form that uses wax and dyes to create unique designs.  The cold water dye bath and the lines created by color seeping in through cracks in the wax produce an earthy, primitive effect.  Combining batik with the petroglyphs and pottery designs seemed like a natural fit.  Recently Carla has used batik dyes to capture the stunning array of colors in the Arizona landscape.

Carla’s work can be found at small galleries in Flagstaff and Sedona.  She also attends arts and craft shows throughout the region.