Artist Nina Joy Rizzo

International Artist, Nina Joy Rizzo, is the creator of NJoyFractals– Colorful patterns and geometric designs that reflect the symmetry of life and nature. As long as she can remember, Nina Joy always played with COLOR, TEXTURE and MOVEMENT.

As a child she grew up in New York, coloring, outlining images and drawing patterns were a regular activity. An abundance of crayons, pencils, water paints, brushes and paper were perfect travel companions. A box of chalk and smooth sidewalks would likely be her next palate in that competitive world–instantly spied and claimed! The fence in her aunt’s backyard didn’t go unscathed either. There was no end to the mediums, even pieces of leather and gnarly branches. Having exhausted an array of artistic endeavors, the road led her to Fractal Art, speaking volumes out loud. This has become her passion; the direction she continues to explore; her dominant medium.

This present phase of her work began during a meditation when a series of pictures came to her. Stacking together various plates of colors and patterns invited her to travel through a portal, much like “Alice.” However in her case, the portal worked both ways—rushing in and flowing out, information in the form of shapes and colors downloaded; her heart bursting with JOY. This became the inspiration for her stunning NJoyFractals, the perfect focal point for any wall, in any room, BRILLIANT and VIBRANT. Passing into the 3-dimensional realm, they bring energy into a space, beckoning, focusing and calming the viewer. She has been told that NJoyFractals vibrate at frequencies connecting Spirit on higher dimensions and planes of existence, awakening innate intelligence.

Nina Joy Rizzo’s NJoyFractals are created with the assistance of 9 Angels of the Healing Ray. Much like an Intuit that HEARS from a spiritual source, Nina sits with the Energy that surrounds her, waiting for the images to flow through her. The final image becomes a Living Being of Pure Energy, a Gift of Light, which eventually comes to name ITSELF! Each NJoyFractal Image has been assigned its sacred name which also comes from this other dimension of time and space.

The greater mystery to her ART is that NJoyFractals have grown congruent with other aspects of her life and has reached out to the lives of others. They are seen as a force field of living, loving and healing. Her complementary work as an Osteopathic Manual Therapist includes the suggestion of these images to assist her clients’ bodies energetically. In fact, the body itself is an undulating Fractal on a cellular level, a never-ending series of repeated images of mathematical formula and geometrical inventions that represent and replicate our very existence.

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