Artist Chandra (Melani) Harvey

Greetings, my name is Chandra and I am the creator of Rainbow Suncatcher Crystal Art. I am a retired school teacher and have always had a love for creating and teaching arts and crafts especially to young children.

My crystal art sun-catchers are made with a variety of glass and crystal components. I use a lot of rainbow chakra colors and other various color combinations together with geometric crystal shapes like octagons, stars, moon, crystal sphere balls and hearts also different animal spirit shapes, fairies angels, hummingbirds dragonflies and butterflies etc..

Crystal Art sun-catchers can be hung indoors near a window where there is sunlight, outdoors patio,in the garden, office, car and as a Christmas tree ornament where they will shimmerdelight, create smiles and good feng shui with their beautiful rainbows.  


I currently live and work from home in Sedona, Arizona and all my works are currently displayed in The Village Gallery and other stores and galleries throughout the country.