Artist Bailey Olson

I am a 26 year old artist with a degree in ecotourism and adventure travel, but all of my art experience is self taught. After starting with watercolor and embroidery, I experimented with many mediums but I always came back to acrylics.  All of my paintings today are done in acrylics, including many different Arizona desert landscape silhouettes and vibrant cactus and succulents.

I grew up in Ohio, but I always was drawn to the Southwest and Arizona. During the quarantine, when art supplies were limited, I began drawing on my computer, which led me to my digital series of popular Sedona/Arizona landmarks. These are done in Illustrator. And of course, Arizona is one of the best places in the country to find rocks and gemstones, which inspired a line of earring studs and complimentary jewelry. Whatever the medium, all of my work is inspired by the plants, animals, and rocks around me.