Artist Peggy Doig

I delighted others with my hand fashioned art as a child and even caused turmoil when I painted my bedroom walls with my watercolor set. Yes, I have always been an artist.  After a hiatus in medical research at UC Berkeley and in the corporate world, I returned to my first love of art creation.  I honed my skills at the Austin Museum of Art, Abernathy Arts Center and Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta, GA and began to sell my art at Hummingbird Lane Gallery, Spruill Art Gallery, Unity Christ Center, Limelight Gallery, Art Space International and accepted commissions worldwide.  Since moving to Sedona, Az in 2007 I have taught, participated in shows and display my art at Sedona Arts Center and the Village Gallery.

Over time I have come to realize that my purpose is to express the essence of the divine spirit that threads itself though all humanity.  True art creation comes from transcendence beyond time and space where all our higher Selves meet in understanding and pure light.  That is why works of art through time have an enduring fascination for us all.  I am humbled and honored whenever this Spirit moves though me to create art that moves another, expressing a quality of our divinity beyond words.

My art lives in private collections throughout the world.

Essence Studio Art