Artist Mickey McCarthy

Mickey McCarthy makes one-of-a-kind, handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets. Necklaces and earrings are available in coordinating sets. She specifically designs and creates her bracelets and anklets in a variety of sizes, including styles that fit larger wrists and ankles. “I use jewelry wire and stretch cord for bracelets and anklets. Now that summer is here, anklets look magnificent with sandals. I make different sizes so hopefully the one you like fits just right.”

When creating a necklace, Mickey begins with the center pendant and coordinates the colors. “I match the stones that call to me until I get the right combination and the flow feels and looks right. I’m very picky about my work and how it looks.” Her work incorporates crystals, shells, glass, and precious stones.

She prefers working with crystals, especially those she finds at rock and mineral shows. McCarthy’s pieces combine amethyst, lapis lazuli, abalone, and mother of pearl, set among beads and glass chips. Her color palettes range from deep and passionate copper and jasper to lighter opal and rose quartz. “My crystals are so energetic and each one feels different. I love making earth tones, soft tones, and flamboyant tones.”

Mickey has been attracted to stones since childhood. “I have approximately 40 trays full of stones, that I have collected from various gem and mineral shows I’ve attended for over 30 years.”

Growing up between Phoenix and Albuquerque, she was a child artist. For many years, she created beaded jewelry and Christmas ornaments, arranged flowers, worked with ceramics, and crocheted. In Albuquerque, her father owned and operated a fine jewelry business, creating and selling pieces made from gold and precious stones. She learned to emulate how he treated his customers and took pride in the jewelry. “I really liked his custom pieces the best. He had so many repeat customers. He made his customers happy with his prices and quality. And he loved to talk.”

After a 25-year career delivering mail for the U.S. Postal Service, Mickey retired to the Verde Valley in 2021 and is now free to make her creations full-time. The process is therapeutic for her. “Now, I get to put on my creative cap and make jewelry from my heart. The energy from this land and the vortexes has also helped me to do my work. My jewelry is made with love and I am so happy to see people wearing it or purchasing gifts for friends and family. Nothing pleases me more than making each set as an original creation. It has been my lifelong dream to be displaying my one-of-a-kind pieces,” McCarthy says.