Sharon Hall and her Merry Band of Critters Host July Art Walk

The upcoming Art Walk at the Village Gallery of Local Artists on Friday, July 5th will be alive with cats and bears, Oh My! Hosting the evening will be featured artist and former nuclear power safety engineer, Sharon Hall who is a six-year resident of Sedona.

In her former life, Sharon trained extensively and worked in the expanding field of nuclear security. The self-proclaimed “hobby junkie” also explored classes in glassblowing, blacksmithing, tin-smithing, jewelry making and more as a release from the stress of her job.

Since moving to Sedona, the artist has taken many Sedona Art Center classes and workshops including ceramics and sculpting. She loves to create her favorite animals (cats!) in clay and she especially enjoys the simple qualities of her favorite medium, fiber clay. “Fiber clay does not require firing and it is the most flexible of the clays; once a piece is finished, the sculpture can be re-formed.”

Perhaps her most fulfilling activity is membership in Loving Bowls, a volunteer organization sponsored by the Sedona Art Center that supports local charities like the Food Bank and the Humane Society through its annual Loving Bowls and Chili sales. Hand thrown bowls cost $10 and the chili is donated by another recipient of the project, Meals on Wheels “We are very proud to have created and sold over 100,000 $10 bowls for charity!”

Meet Sharon and her art colleagues at the Village Gallery of Local Artists.
First Friday Art Walk July 5th, 5-8pm for food, drink and conversation.

6500 Hwy 179 Cortez Rd roundabout
Village of Oak Creek Sedona 86351 (928) 284-1416
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