Luke Metz

The Village Gallery of Local Artists is proud to feature the exquisite ceramic work of Luke Metz during the month of November. Please join in our First Friday celebration at the Gallery, November 5th, between 5 PM and 8 PM to see Metz’ work which includes functional as well as decorative pieces and demonstrates various firing techniques including raku, saggar, soda-fired, wood-fired, and gas reduction firing.  Sizes range from a few inches to a few feet.  Whimsy and organic are qualities he seeks to bring to his work.  His display is naturally eclectic with each piece being distinctive, expressive, and unique.

Metz developed a love and fascination of art as a youth in New York City.  His diverse travels abroad exposed him to some of the greatest art in the world.  At Columbia University Metz took many art history classes and some sculpture classes. Upon graduating he moved west.  Denver, Colorado, and then Wisconsin were his home for almost 40 years.  During this time he was involved with many diverse jobs such as teaching secondary school, repairing Xerox machines, computer programming, and computer systems analysis (to name a few).

For Metz deciding to “retire” was not a decision to retire from being active but to free himself from a perceived need to earn an income and from the need to define success in a materialistic manner. This gave him the opportunity to explore his right brain. Self-expression and discovery seemed like a natural direction for him and art seemed like the perfect vehicle. He loves working with his hands and pottery felt like an excellent choice. The call of warmer weather and beautiful landscapes brought him to Sedona.

Turning to art later in his life mirrors his father’s path in his life who retired from being a partner in a Wall Street firm and then decided to create stone sculpture which culminated in a one-person show in New York City.

“Art for me is both self-expression and self-exploration. The works of various ceramic artists, nature, and whimsy have provided inspiration for me. Starting my pieces on the pottery wheel is my preferred approach – often much shaping, construction, and texturing is done after the initial form is thrown. I get passionate about experimenting with layering glazes, playing with textures, altering forms, and trying different types of ceramic firing. I love bringing the highest level of craftsmanship that I can to my work. For me, contrast and the unexpected are an important part of my self-expression. I want people to explore my work: to view it from different sides/angles, to follow the motion of the piece, to investigate the textures and gestural marks, and to be surprised and perhaps even laugh.”

Metz is blessed with an insatiable curiosity that is always taking him on a journey of exploration and of melding ceramic techniques.  He brings attention to detail and inspiration to every piece he creates without attempting to produce pieces that are the same.  Metz considers each of his pieces as one of a kind and a demonstration of his creative energy.  Over the 11 years, he has been creating ceramic art his work has continued to grow and evolve.   He loves sharing his inspiration in his creations.  He has shown in a number of local galleries and participated in numerous art shows.

Metz loves the outdoors and being active, and has engaged in technical rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, skiing, motorcycle touring, and nature photography.  He recently moved to Cottonwood, where he lives with his wife, Sue, and Ragdoll cat, Rumi.

The Village Gallery is located at 6512 State Route 179 in the Village of Oak Creek at the Cortez roundabout.  Please stop by to see Metz’s spectacular work and enjoy the work of other local artists. The Gallery is open 7 days a week from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Photos by Luke Metz