Jody Miller will share her compelling gift for capturing the essence of horses as Guest Artist at the Village Gallery of Local Artists during the months of June and July. Jody will be bringing photos from two of her most recent shoots; “Wild Horses of the Salt River” and “Windswept Manes” among other work. The public is invited to a reception for Jody on June 3rd from 5-8pm, with food, wine and conversation.

Having never been around horses before, Jody signed on as a ranch hand at an Arabian horse ranch near the Thermal, California in 1984. This sparked the beginning of a lifetime connection with these tremendous animals. Jody attended a workshop given by a nationally recognized professional horse photographer and developed skills that transformed her work from mere portraiture to fine art.  This new found expression inspired her to specialize in horse photography. Jody says, “Feelings of strength, freedom, beauty, aliveness, passion, inspiration, self- assurance, and poise, well up within me when I look at these majestic animals and I hope others connect with those feelings through my photography.”

Jody Miller resides in Prescott, Arizona where she has received numerous awards for photography and has been published on covers of books, magazines and catalogs. She also has a collection of Cowboy and Western photographs which she shot throughout the Southwest.

The Village Gallery’s Guest Artist program is an opportunity for the local community to meet artists, and provides the artist exposure to a new audience for two months. The gallery is committed to maintaining an active role in the local art scene, and is accepting applications for membership from local artists.

Jody Miller’s stunning equine photography will be displayed from June 1st through the end of July at the Village Gallery of Local Artists located in the Village of Oak Creek at the roundabout on Hwy 179 and Cortez. Jody and other member artists will attend receptions on June 3rd and July 1st from 5pm-8. For more information call 284-1416 or visit