Jodie Ball is Featured for June

The vivid oil paintings of Jodie Ball will be featured at the Village Gallery of Local Artists in June. A reception will be held on Friday, June the 7th from 5-8PM. The public is invited to come and meet Jodie, other member artists, and enjoy refreshments.

Light shines through delicate cactus petals, bringing to life the desert beauty in Jodie’s paintings. To reproduce the colors that inspire her in nature, Jodie joins her lifelong passions for art and science, patiently mixing her pallet and using meticulously cleaned brushes.

A native Texan, Jodie was first introduced to art during a summer spent painting outside with her artist grandmother. Later, she took art classes in high school and wanted to double major in art and science in college. Because that option wasn’t available, she made the choice to follow her first passion which was science and vowed to return to art once she retired.

Jodie earned a Masters and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and spent 27 years as a Research and Development scientist in the Dallas area. Her work gave her the opportunity to travel in Europe and visit many great art museums. During these years she extensively read art books, and her appreciation for all genres, from the great masters to modern artists grew.  These travels and studies kept a wellspring of inspiration for painting alive.

When Jodie retired, she took a painting class and surprised herself with her ability. She explained, “It was as though I had been painting in my head all those years; like all those lovely paintings I had viewed during my travels had rubbed off.”

Jodie and her husband moved to Sedona five years ago.  Jodie frequently participates in the painting workshops and weekly classes. Jodie says “I enjoy both studio and plein air painting and the challenge of diverse subjects: landscapes, still life, portraits.”

Jodie Ball has been a member of the Village Gallery of Local Artists for a year. The gallery is located at 6512 Hwy 179 in the Village of Oak Creek at the roundabout on Hwy 179 and Cortez and is accepting applications for artist membership. For more information call 284-1416 or visit