Traci Miller

The Village Gallery of Local Artists features herbalist, holistic life coach, and energy sound healer Traci Miller during the month of May. Hand-crafted herbal teas and other herbal products add a new dimension to the gallery’s offerings. Miller will be on hand to explain her process and discuss her products during a reception on Friday, May 5th from 5-8 PM.

Miller’s business, which is named “Cheshire’s Herbals”, creates teas, healing salves, bath flowers and salts, herbal blends, essential oil blends, liquid extracts, and powdered herbal blends. Miller uses certified organic herbs, oils, essential oils, and other pure ingredients to create natural remedies for everyday use that are safe for children, pets, and the environment. She enjoys harvesting local ingredients, like pinion pine resin and chaparral. She also harvests local grasses and makes small, functional, and decorative brooms which are displayed at the gallery. Cheshire’s Herbals also focuses on supporting local, organic farming and helping native villages around the world through Fair Trade economy.

Born and raised in Arizona, Miller has lived in Sedona for 6 years. She first became intrigued by herbs in 1994 when she tried Wild Cherry Bark in a cold infusion to treat asthma. Miller explains, “Within 2 days of drinking the tea, my symptoms cleared up. What doctors tried and failed for years, the Wild Cherry Bark did successfully in 2 days.  It was then, that I began studying herbs more intensively.”

Miller went to herb school in Arcata, CA at Northwest School for Botanical Studies to become a professional herbalist. She attended the NW School for Botanical Studies, Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy School, and American Botanical Council Certification, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Alternative Medicine. She started her own herbal company in 1999 by using chaparral, the local Arizona plant, in a healing salve. That was the moment Cheshire’s Herbals Original Healing Salve was born.

Besides creating products, Miller also offers consultations using holistic and natural health support using herbs, nutrition, detoxification, supplementation and life management skills. She teaches herb classes and offers local herb walks.

As a new member, Traci Miller brings a new set of skills and talent to the community of artists at the Village Gallery of Local Artists. The public is invited to help them celebrate this latest addition with refreshments and conversation.

The gallery is accepting applications for new membership and is located at 6512 State Route 179 in the Village of Oak Creek. For more information go to; or phone (928) 284-1416.