Brenda Man-Fletcher

During the month of November, the Village Gallery of Local Artists will feature the abstract artwork of Brenda Man-Fletcher. A reception will be held on November 3 from 5-8 pm.

Man-Fletcher is an abstract artist who works with paints, pastels, markers, inks, and teas. Her artwork is inspired by the technique of “active imagination” developed by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Man-Fletcher commented, “I’ve found that in whatever way I can work with a dream, I can also work with an artistic project. A lot of the visuals in my work arise from imagery I have seen in dreams and meditation.”

Man-Fletcher was introduced to Jungian psychology in December of 2002, just over a year after 9/11. She worked across the Hudson River in New Jersey, right by the George Washington Bridge when the attacks on the World Trade Center occurred. Man-Fletcher says, “I will tell you, that was plenty close enough to be traumatized.” Man-Fletcher had never heard of Carl Jung when she started therapy for trauma but loved the methods that her analyst introduced to her.

The ethereal quality of Man-Fletcher’s artwork leaves room for the viewer’s own interpretation. During the process of painting and afterward, she sees very specific things – shapes, figures, faces. However, Man-Fletcher explains, “I’m very interested in what the viewer brings to the dance, because to me, it’s just as important, if not more so.”

While living in New Jersey, Fletcher practiced law. She had a wonderful arrangement with her employer where she worked three ten-hour days in the office, had one flexible Friday at home, and had a long three-day weekend. During her days off she was free to create artwork. She participated in group exhibitions during that time but did not put her work up for sale. She says, “The most prominent concept I’ve learned since becoming a working artist is how much time you actually spend not necessarily creating new work, but packaging and marketing the inventory you already have.”

Man-Fletcher enjoys being a member of the Village Gallery and its community. She says, “It’s like having 39 art mentors to inspire and encourage me. I am mostly self-taught but have also developed a lot of what I do from online courses. It’s great to have conversations with people who have a daily creative practice and to get their feedback.”

The public is invited to the reception on Friday, November 3, in honor of Brenda Man-Fletcher. This is a free event with refreshments and many member artists will be on hand to discuss their work. The Village Gallery is located at 6512 State Route 179 in the Village of Oak Creek. They are accepting applications for new membership, and are open 7 days a week from 10-6. For more information, go to or phone (928) 284-1416.