Artist Monique Kristofors

She was born in France and raised in Spain by her mother and grandmother who emigrated to this country when she was 16.   Living in Madrid, and with all that Europe has to offer, she was exposed and surrounded by the great works of architecture, art, and sculpture.  She loved to spend time at the Louvre and Prado Museums and was particularly attracted to Pablo Picasso’s work. Monique holds a Master of Arts in Psychology.  Now retired from a successful career at DOD and the Department of Agriculture, she now resides in Sedona with husband Kris where she is now fully devoted to her paintings.   Her work has been exhibited in Galleries in California and Arizona with a continually growing following of private collections.

                                                                                                                               Her Work

Monique is a largely self-taught American modern artist whose eclectic paintings and sculpture reflect her international roots.  Her one-of-a-kind paintings and bold color palette reflect and recreate the depths of human experience and emotions. Monique’s work is not only self-revealing, but magnificently evocative.  In her   quest to bring the human soul and its dimensions to the canvas, she creates painting that connect and touch the viewer’s soul.

                                                                                                                            Artist Statement

My painting are my soul’s artistic expression of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions reflecting how I see the world at any given moment.  I believe that art is a way to connect with others, to help inspire, understand, both what we have in common and how we differ.  What I paint is therefore forever changing, evolving, different. My art, like myself, resists being tamed as it pursues its own impulse and expression. I want my paintings to touch and connect with the viewers soul.

Contact Inf:   Work Exhibited at Village Gallery in Sedona

Contact: 928-200-5856

Exhibits’:   Village Gallery Sedona Dec 2021; ongoing

Sedona Arts Center 41st Annual Juried Exhibition   March1-31, 2022

Sedona Art Blast Elks Lodge Art Show October 2 -5, 2021

Sedona Arts Academy Art Exhibit March 1-April 3-2021

Sedona Arts Center 40th Annual Juried Exhibition   March 6-29,2020

Gallery 500 Exhibit Nov-Dec 2017

Big Gay Art Show Sedona AZ Exhibit June 7-9 2017