Sid Freeman, Visual Poet

The Village Gallery of Local Artists continues their tradition of hosting talented artists who offer unique ways of approaching art. Sid Freeman, the Guest Artist for the months of April and May 2018, brings her mindful exploration of combining language and visual art.

The watercolor paintings of Sid Freeman take flight with motion, color, and the added dimension of rhythm created with letters, words and phrases. Sid loves letterforms and quotations, and uses them in her artwork with the intention of finding the essence of where language corresponds with feelings instead of power, and articulation is a tool to connect, not a knife to separate.

Sid received an MFA from the University of Wyoming and worked in advertising before becoming enamored with calligraphy. With the help of grant money from the Wyoming Arts Council, she was able to study with many incredible professionals and take workshops from the Colorado Calligraphers’ Guild. In 1987 Sid became self-employed and enjoyed doing great jobs like the Wyoming Governor’s Awards and Federal Marshal’s Proclamations.

In 1993 Sid and her husband, Ken moved to Prescott Valley where she continued her calligraphic business working on the Jewish Community Foundation, Book of Life as well as the William Booth inscription on the Salvation Army Mural in Prescott. Her work is now represented in many private collections as well as the Wyoming State Art Museum and the University of Wyoming Art Museum.

Sid says; “After 20 years as a professional calligrapher, I found myself competing with the computer. This was not fun. Slowly, I worked back to my roots as a painter, only this time using those magical sound symbols which make up our speech.” Now as a full-time painter she incorporates text to create image poetry.

The public has the opportunity to meet Sid Freeman at the Village Gallery on Friday evening, April 6th and May 2nd from 5-8pm during receptions. Refreshments will be served and Sid will be available for questions and discussion. The Village Gallery is located in the Village of Oak Creek at 6512 Hwy 179 at the Cortex roundabout. For more information call 284-1416 or visit

Additionally, the gallery is accepting applications from local artists who are interested in membership. The gallery offers artists the opportunity to exhibit their work and take part in a dynamic artistic community.