page 4_Nov Nina Joy was a child of serendipity; raised in Queens, New York with crayons, pencils, water paints, brushes and chalk as her companions, she took advantage of the variety of background media that presented itself everyday- from sketch pads to sidewalks to gnarly branches and leather, the budding artist literally made her mark in and on the competitive streets of New York. In her words, “Coloring, outlining imagespage 1_Flor and drawing patterns were a regular activity. I spied and claimed smooth sidewalks, and the fence in my aunt’s back yard didn’t go unscathed either!”

By the time her family moved to Palm Springs, California in her pre-teen years, Nina was on the road to searching for a focal point for her artistic interests. Eventually she was drawn into the world of Fractal Art, where imagination, color and geometric design collide. With the aid of a computer, her first mandalas and fractal shapes were ready for production, and two years later she moved to the Sedona area in 2009, bringing her passion for Fractal Art with her.

Tpage 2_PStixhe present phase of her work began during a meditation: “A series of pictures came to me. Information in the form of shapes and colors ‘downloaded’ and became the inspiration for my vibrant NJoyFractals. Passing into the 3-dimensional realm, they bring energy into a spac
e, beckoning, focusing and calming the viewer.” The artist’s  works can be found throughout Sedona as well as in the Village Gallery, and one of her stunning large pieces was selected for submission to The Hub in Sedona for the ‘Building Bridges’ Event.

Nina is also pleased that her experience with Fractals has become complementary to her work as an Osteopathic Manual Therapist. She explains, “The body itself is a never-ending series of repeated images of mathematical formula and geometrical inventions.” She is happy that through her art, she can reach out to the lives of 5_Twin