Robin Shores and Garry Sands

Guest Artists Garry Sands and Robin Shores at the Village Gallery

In keeping with the Village Gallery of Local Artists’ vision to provide an opportunity for the public to meet local artists and experience their work, the gallery invites Garry Sands and Robin Shores to display their metal and glass artwork for the months of February and March.

Garry Sands and Robin Shores met in 1989, and found they were likeminded in their desire to learn and pursue new mediums. Their artistic collaboration began with making jewelry, using stones set in silver.  As their work developed, dichroic glass entered the picture, and their interest in art glass blossomed.  With Garry’s skill at welding, the idea of glass and metal wall jewelry and sculpture evolved.  Using a plasma torch and homemade tools, Garry cuts, shapes and forms steel, to set the glass. He and Robin manipulate glass of transparent, opaque, and dichroic colors, with fusing, texturing and slumping techniques. They soon needed a bigger kiln, and eventually, a super-sized kiln.

Robins says, “Our goal is for the viewer to get an overall good feeling. Color therapy is about how different colors make us feel certain emotions. Blue for peace; green, new growth and contentment; red, excitement”.

A reception will be held on Friday, February 3rd and again on March 3rd from 5-8pm, where the public can meet Gary and Robin and see their current work, including colorful wall and window hangings and sculpture. Refreshments will be served and member artists of the gallery will also attend. The Village Gallery of Local Artists is located in the Village of Oak Creek at the roundabout on Hwy 179 and Cortez. For more information call 284-1416 or visit