Village Gallery Features “Minister of Enchantment” Beth Kingsley Hawkins and Creator of “Shiny Things” Ruth Stevens at Nov Art Walk

A duo of artists at The Village Gallery of Local Artists will share the spotlight at Nov 3rd First Friday Art Walk in in The Village of Oak Creek. The public is invited to join photographer Beth Kingsley Hawkins of Hummerlady fame, and Ruth Stevens, bead artist extraordinaire, as well as other Village Gallery artists from 5-8 pm at the VOC Gallery. Food and wine will be served and Both Beth and Ruth will provide demonstrations and Q & A sessions during the evening event.

Beth Kingsley Hawkins is a fine art and nature photographer with the goal of bringing beauty to life.  She sparks a spiritual consciousness with her inner landscape images that unite the realm of earth and soul. With a master’s degree in music therapy, her background in the healing arts comes through in the sensitivity of her images.

It comes as no surprise then, that the hummingbird, the joy bringer, is her personal spiritual totem animal ally.  Her success in Sedona photographing nesting hummers, has earned her the title of the Hummingbird Nest Diva of Sedona.

She is also the official ‘Minister of Enchantment’ for the Hummingbird Society, aka  Hummerlady.

Beth has travelled extensively in America and abroad to see and photograph exotic hummingbird species. She has made eight trips to Trinidad and Tobago. Her love of flowers brought her to Monet’s garden in France to create impressionistic images, and as far as Namaqualand in South Africa to experience the abundance of spring wildflowers.

An author and storyteller as well, she will delight you with her adventures. Her book about the Anna’s hummingbird whose babies hatched during seven inches of Sedona snow is in its 4th printing.  “We hear another book for children is in the works, about how a magnificent hummingbird learned to read, teaching that the same nourishment that the hummingbird takes from the flowers, children can receive from reading books.”

Meet Beth on First Friday in the Village Gallery, November 3. She will demonstrate “Painting with your Camera”- sharing some images she created and techniques she learned while on location in Monet’s famous garden.

Ruth Stevens is a long-time resident of Arizona who, thanks to generations of creative women on both sides of her family, was taught the ‘classical’ arts of sewing, knitting, crochet, quilting, tatting and lacemaking, as well as pottery and stained glass. Her true “creative nitch,” however, is most evident in her dazzling display of beaded jewelry at the Village Gallery. “The variety of size, color and texture of beads holds a constant fascination for me. I revel in learning new stiches and patterns as well as the freeform designs that pop into my brain at odd moments.”

Ruth’s jewelry is most definitely eye-catching- from brilliant necklaces of multi-colored stone clusters to elegant spiral beaded neckware to miniature ‘under glass’ beaded dolls, earrings, and ‘shimmering beaded bracelets in every style imaginable, her artistry is unmatchable. She also makes custom jewelry and does repairs.

Ruth will be demonstrating the art of beading a card at the Nov 3rd Art Walk, just in time for the holiday season.  (928) 284-1416 6500 Hwy 179, Sedona, Az 86351