Artist Sara K. Harms

Since 1979, I have been using time-honored, traditional metalsmithing techniques to create my contemporary, yet earthy wearable art. In our high tech, fast-paced world, hammering some hot steel or sawing out tiny pieces of silver can be quite therapeutic. With two young boys (born in 1997 and 2000), my studio time is limited, so my production ability is limited as well. Every piece I make comes from an absolute love of creating, and pride in craftsmanship. I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

Rock hunting, a passion of mine, is part of my creative process. I love that! Many of the light colored rocks were collected from the shores of Lake Michigan in Evanston, Illinois, where I was raised. When my boys were babies, I wasn’t making jewelry, but I could still grab up some rocks off the beach. In the early ’90s, my sister was living in Kodiak, Alaska, another spectacular rock spot. Most of the black rocks were collected in Kodiak. Sedona is my new collecting spot, and I love exploring dry creek beds, where the nice rounded red rocks can be found. My husband and sons are very tolerant of my rock obsession, and will often come exploring with me.

Many of my designs incorporate ancient symbolism including goddesses, spirals, suns, and moons. I believe that symbols can be inspiring and empowering for people, whatever the meaning is for them. Symbols can also have powerful energy, so I only use what I believe to be positive images. My intent as a jeweler is to create a well crafted, cool looking, affordable piece of wearable art with positive energy for the wearer.