Artist Sakhia Calla

Sakhia has worked in creative and performing arts as long as she can remember. A child of the 60s, she began selling fiber creations to ByHand Gallery in Haddonfield, NJ at the age of 13.

Her younger years were dedicated to performing arts (15 years as a professional musician and singer), and to writing, for which she has won numerous awards and honors.  For her creative endeavors, she is listed in The Who’s Who of American Women (under her former name Susan MV Baker).

Shifting focus, Sakhia moved to the Great SouthWest In 2001 and stepped away from performing arts.  She is now producing works that show creative play intertwined with spirituality and her love of nature.

“HennaRama was born out of my study and practice of the ancient, ceremonial custom of body painting.  A mud-like paste is applied topically to the skin and sinks in, leaving a stain that lasts about a week. Sakhia extended this form of Sacred Art to encompass decorating boxes and other organic items with Henna designs… that will last a lifetime.

“I especially like to work with organic forms and textures, re-ordering them into new structure/design.  It’s a transformative process, and the creative process itself is, what I enjoy most.  It’s a working meditation that helps me re-structure myself.”