Artist Pat Priolo

Fashion and design are second nature to Pat Priolo. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Pat has a background in art and design. Although she is relatively new to the world of jewelry making, Pat has spent 10 years designing, creating and teaching others to create wearable art, and has been sewing since she was a child. Recently she has perfected the art of weaving Dream Catchers, decorating and wood burning Gourds.  Pat brings a very strong sense of color, and special design ability to her jewelry and Gourd creations.

Her necklaces, earrings, arm and ankle bracelets are unique, they are all one-of-a kind attention grabbers. Any of these pieces will light up and complete an outfit. When your wearing Pat’s jewelry – people will want to buy it right off your body. As a matter of fact, Pat’s unique designs, from one of her customers were described as the finishing touch, to any outfit.  Strangely enough, that is how this new phase of her career began. People would literally ask to purchase the things Pat was wearing, that she had created for herself.

Purchase a piece that you ENJOY, and experience this for yourself.

Pat was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. She attended Oregon State University, and following graduation remained in Oregon for 7 years, working in the  Child Welfare field before returning to the Bay Area. She continued working in county government, in positions ranging from a line social worker investigating child abuse, to upper management of social service programs, a career that spanned almost 40 years. Pat is retired now and makes her home in Sedona with her husband Chuck and their two toy poodles, named Andre and Hardy.

Pat loves and has been drawn towards arts and crafts from the time she was a young child. It is obvious after very little instruction, what she may have lacked in these skills, she more than made up for in enthusiasm – wanting to try absolutely everything: drawing, painting, glass sculpture, candle making, crocheting, knitting, wood burning and painting of gourds, etc. etc. During her early teen years – she took up sewing – making most of her own clothes. In later years, she owned a sewing machine/fabric store and took up quilting and fabric crafts – this was her “sanity” away from her regular job. Pat made and sold clothing, quilts and the most darling assortment of teddy bears, to stores and at craft shows in the Bay Area. One day a co-worker showed her how to make a bracelet – that started her on her jewelry career. She now designs and sells jewelry and exquisitely decorated gourds in both California and Arizona.

About two years ago Pat developed a fascination with gourds. A neighbor suggested that working with gourds would be a good way to use up leftover beads from her jewelry creations. That was all it took, she attended one session on the art of decorating and a love affair with decorated gourds started. Pat enjoys working with different types of paints, dyes and inks and experimenting with color. Pat Priolo’s amazing gourds are finished in a uniquely different array of styles and finishes. Trust me, you must see her work to believe it.