Artist Megan Kelley

Megan was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and has been painting ever since she could pick up a paintbrush. Megan feels that she really came alive artistically when she moved to the southwest in 2009.  “I am so inspired by the southwest and the beauty I see all around me. If you spend time here, you know that the sky can sometimes be in technicolor and that in certain lights, the mountains turn purple and gold.”

Megan has two collections at the Village Gallery:

Whimsical West

“I love landscapes, and I also love bright colors and whimsy.  My “Whimsical West” pieces are a mixed-media collection of mountains, trees, red rocks and other landscapes, often inspired by photographs I have taken.” 

Megan paints on metal canvases, as they allow her to layer different types of media, creating a whimsical, fantasy-like interpretation of the initial inspiration.  Megan uses acrylic, fabric, watercolor, faux leathers, rice paper, stains, glazes, gel mediums, rocks and other forms of collage to create these pieces.

Flying Colors Furniture Shoppe

“I love to ‘upcycle,’ or in other words, to make old things new again.” 

This is a collection of small hand-painted furniture.  Megan rescues unused and unloved jewelry boxes before they end up in the landfill.  Megan then fixes, refurbishes, and paints the piece to transform it into a one-of-a-kind, unique piece of art.  The piece of furniture becomes a canvas.  These pieces are created using chalk, milk, clay and mineral paints, environmentally-friendly stains, gel glazes, pumice, and waxes.

Megan’s work can be found at galleries and gift shops in Sedona and Flagstaff.