Laura Albert

Laura Albert’s interest in jewelry making started when she was a young teen. Her first projects were stringing love bead necklaces in the early seventies. Inspired by Native American bead work, she later crafted many seed bead creations. Peyote stitch, loom work and porcupine quill earrings were featured at her first art fair in Girdwood Alaska.

Then on a trip to Nepal she met a local silversmith who taught her the basics of soldering and setting stones in silver. Traveling extensively thru India and Nepal was inspiring and a wonderful opportunity to collect natural gem stones to design her own pieces.

“The first time I was introduced to dichroic fused glass was in 1999. Was so seduced by its fiery iridescence that a strong desire came up to make it myself. With the help of a friend and a lot of experimentation I found my flow in fused glass jewelry”. Each piece is made up with a mosaic of color coated dichroic pieces. Arranged on a base layer of compatible glass, then fused in a kiln at 1500 degrees. I enjoy the process very much, playing with such vibrant colors, trying new designs; the possibilities with glass are unlimited.

Sedona has been home since 1988. The natural beauty here is a constant inspiration for me. Feel so fortunate that I can share this through my jewelry. May you have as much enjoyment wearing these one of a kind creations as I do making them.