Artist Kathy O’Connell

Throughout my life, I’ve partaken of many different forms of art, and have discovered myself to be endlessly curious about new projects, ideas and creative expression. Finding myself among the many talented artists at the Village Gallery has fueled my creativity even further. I have settled into a comfortable niche, which is to create fabulous and functional fabric art pieces that are easy to pack and take with you. I have taken many art classes in school and throughout my life as well as many sewing, quilting classes.

Spending a weekend watching hour after hour of tutorials on various techniques is fun for me, as is shopping for yards and yards of gorgeous fabrics, threads and supplies.

I have a degree in education, and truly have enjoyed teaching people enthused to learn to be creative themselves.

I’ve been a strong believer in giving back, and have thousands of volunteer hours under my belt, and have been chipping away at a goal to donate 1000 sewn or quilted items to various charities in my lifetime.

Being creative keeps me happy and fulfilled, in no small part due to the proximity to so many other creative people in the area and especially at this wonderful Gallery.