Artist Judy Yescalis

To produce her own unique style of fine art paintings, batik artist Judy Yescalis uses an ancient ‘resist’ process which has fascinated her for many years.  

“The process of batik is much more easily understood once you see it in action,” says the artist. “While most traditional fine art consists of applying color to a background with brush or pen, the batik process is exactly the inverse: delicate brushes and copper tjanting tools are used to ‘paint’ hot melted wax onto fabric to block out or ‘resist’ the application of color when the fabric is dipped in dye baths.”

“It’s all a great adventure, from the first step of creating a pencil sketch on fabric, producing the right mix of waxes, carefully planning each dye color in advance- to the very last step of removing all layers of wax with an iron. Hopefully in the end, you discover a batik that is worth the effort. The entire process takes several days for a single batik- and nearly half of the finished products aren’t worth saving,” she laughs.