Artist Brian Myers

Brian Myers

Brian Myers

My dream has always been to spend my days as a creative individual expressing myself through visual art. Inspired by the iconic artists of the past, I began drawing at an early age. Encouraged by my parents, art courses and oil painting classes followed. After completing my formal education with a bachelor’s degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art, I went to work as an ad agency graphic designer. I worked my way up to art director and eventually creative director, winning several awards along the way. Additional career advancement, a more time-consuming work schedule and the completion of a graduate degree, along with the demands of family life, left little time for painting.

While my profession was rewarding in many ways, it didn’t fulfill my need to produce artwork I could share with others. The idea that my paintings might bring joy to people, in the same way I have found pleasure in the work of other artists, provides me with an ongoing source of inspiration. Although I may have traveled a less direct path than many, after years of hard work, I’ve been able to put the corporate world behind me in order to pursue my dream. I now spend my days searching for inspiration, which is not hard to find in Sedona and experimenting in different media and application methods. My current work includes ink drawings, oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media and block printing. A Sedona series of multi color block prints for the local galleries where I exhibit is in the works. Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock prints are complete and are also available online.

Through travel, exploration, and interaction with other imaginative people, my goal as an artist is to learn, grow and try new ways to interpret and express my vision of the world in which we live. I will continue to evolve as a creative person, constantly experimenting with new media and different techniques. I hope this work will appeal to, and inspire others.

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